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Our advantages

What we do

Uncompromised quality

with very competitive price..

We design packaging in all forms 


New packaging design or old design adaptation for new lines, with exsisting product concept or developing new one for new product line - this is field of our expertise


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We design boxes construction


Proper cardborad package can be easely folded, take less place and cost less 

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We design POS and promotional materials


Effective branding provided via point of sales design, including place design, promo counter design, promotional and adevrtising gifts etc.. .


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1. Packaging design

Our designers team  provides best soluton for you in terms of quality, money and time. Please fill the contact form on our website to find more.

2. POS design

POS (Point Of Sales) materials are one of core points together with product packaging  passing brand message to customers.  Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website.

3. Production

Packaging from corrugated cradbord boxes and cardbord boxes manufacturer by factory prices. Please contact us to find more.

Marketing and branding expertise 
one of packaging created 15 years ago by BBrand team keep market leading position up today

Packaging productions on manufacturers price

with flate manufacturers rate for boxes and packaging